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Poler's Mystic Tarpent

The Mystic Tarpent is both a Ground Cover under Poler tents, including Poler's first generation tents, as well as a multi use Tarp Tent that weighs in at under 2 pounds and can be used in a multitude of different ways.

It consists of two tarps that can be used as ground cloths for both the Poler 1 and 2 man tents, or can be used together to create various ultralight one man shelters. Unlike ordinary ground cloths, it is totally waterproof and provides a thermal barrier to the cold ground. Because the material reflects 90% of your body heat it can be used to wrap up in and keep someone warm in an emergency or in cold weather as a space blanket would. They can be used silver side out to reflect the sun and keep gear or yourself cooler when camping in the desert or at the beach. You can also use the silver side as a photographic reflector or to attract attention in an emergency. The Mystic
Tarpent's uses are myriad, its usefulness unmatched.

It is a multipurpose tent/tarp/ground cloth solution but it should NOT be used to secure heavy loads as it is not load bearing.

The large Mystic Tarpent in the pack measures 60" x 85"

The smaller Mystic Tarpent in the pack measures 32" x 85"

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