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Poler's Burner Bag

Fire at will...Makes starting a fire quick and easy: Place the burner bag under a pile of wood, then strike a match and light the bag on fire. Lights and burns in the rain, sleet, or snow.

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Poler's Mystic Tarpent

The Mystic Tarpent is both a Ground Cover under Poler tents, including Poler's first generation tents, as well as a multi use Tarp Tent that weighs in at under 2 pounds and can be used in a multitude of different ways.

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Topo Light Pack

The best daypack for an everyday bag. Small & light enough to appeal to the minimalist in all of us, but still functional enough for all the essentials of daily use.

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Topo Day Pack

An ideal travel companion, workmate or pack mule for the daily hike in the hills. Lash tabs are perfect for securing extra gear or attaching a bike light.

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Strawfoot Mussette

Based off of classic cycling musette bags, but with a couple added features. Perfect for hiking, cycling or just rolling down to the coffee shop or park.

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